NXP: Semiconductors Test and Characterization

NXPQplox dessigns advanced test and characterization systems for the last generation of NXP CMOS devices. Our systems are designed for Reliability, Calibration and Characterization of advanced CMOS integrated devices. Our test systems are used by NXP engineers and scientists. The technology used includes advanced electronic instrumentation, including PXI systems, SMU's, Mass FLow Controlers, Environmental chambers, Sensors, Waveform Generators... We use different communication protocols, GPIB, I2C, SPI, Serial, SCPI...  Qplox dessigns dedicated PCB's for test, characterization and calibration. Qplox and NXP for tomorrow's IC world.

IMEC: Biosensors Characterization

BiosensorsQplox provides IMEC with advanced technolgy developement in order to allow efficient characterization of some of their very innovative electronic biosensors. Qplox uses PXI technolgy to drive powerful multiplexing cards, coupled with a very accurate potentiostat. This solution provides the mix of accuracy, flexibility and throughput required by IMEC scientists.

Grammer: End of Line Test of Automotive Electronic Products

AutomotiveQplox dessigns end of line automated test systems (ATE) to garanty the highest quality in assembled and delivered products. Grammer, world leader in off road vehicles interiors counts on Qplox for the end of line test and traceability of automotive controllers, sensors, joysticks, button clusters... We use a braod range of technologies, PXI, NI data adquisition cards, RFID chips, Image recognition systems, microntrollers... Qplox deliver the quality expected by the high standards of a world leader.